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Procopius of Caesaria


        The Secret History

By the Historian

How the Great General Belisarius Was Hoodwinked by His Wife

How Belated Jealousy Affected Belisarius's Military Judgment

Showing the Danger of Interfering with a Woman's Intrigues

How Theodora Humiliated the Conqueror of Africa and Italy

How Theodora Tricked the General's Daughter

Ignorance of the Emperor Justin, and How His Nephew Justinian Was the Virtual Ruler

Outrages of the Blues

Character and Appearance of Justinian

How Theodora, Most Depraved of All Courtesans, Won His Love

How Justinian Created a New Law Permitting Him to Marry a Courtesan

How the Defender of the Faith Ruined His Subjects

Proving That Justinian and Theodora Were Actually Fiends in Human Form

Perceptive Affability and Piety of a Tyrant

Justice for Sale

How All Roman Citizens Became Slaves

What Happened to Those Who Fell Out of Favor with Theodora

How She Saved Five Hundred Harlots from a Life of Sin

How Justinian Killed a Trillion People

How He Seized All the Wealth of the Romans and Threw It Away

Debasing of the Quaestorship

The Sky Tax, and How Border Armies Were Forbidden to Punish Invading Barbarians

Further Corruption in High Places

How Landowners Were Ruined

Unjust Treatment of the Soldiers

How He Robbed His Own Officials

How He Spoiled the Beauty of the Cities and Plundered the Poor

How the Defender of the Faith Protected the Interests of the Christians

His Violation of the Laws of the Romans and How Jews Were Fined for Eating Lamb

Other Incidents Revealing Him as a Liar and a Hypocrite

Further Innovations of Justinian and Theodora, and a Conclusion

        History of the Wars

                    On The Racing Factions

                    Justinian Suppresses The Nika Revolt

                    The Roman Silk Industry

                    The Plague

                    Reconquest of Africa

                    Alaric's Sack Of Rome

                    Gaiseric and the Vandal Conquest of North Africa


        De Aedificis: On The Great Church

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